Ethical Marketing Examples, The New Normal

Ethical Marketing Examples

Work From Home: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Ethical Marketing Examples

If you are looking for an effective may to work from home in an ethical and honest way, you may wish to consider the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing University. With hard work and dedication, you can build up a regular passive income. Over time and with hard work, it’s quite realistic to expect to be able to earn US$2000 – $6000 a month or more. Wealthy Affiliate stands out as one of the ethical marketing examples of affiliate marketing with a proven track record of honesty and success for its members. And until you are sure it is the work or business model you want to follow, its genuinely free.

Lost Your Job Due to Covid 19? This Is An Opportunity To Learn A New Skill Free Of Charge

Is it perfect? Will it happen overnight? Will it happen without hard work? Is it a “get-rich-quick scheme”? Of course not, but Wealthy Affiliate has particularly good ethical standards and you can start learning free of charge. For those who have been “let go” or “lost their jobs” due to Covid 19, this is an opportunity to learn a new skill whilst slowly building up a regular passive income whilst searching for a full-time job. Indeed, much of the training and websites from members will introduce you to additional resources where you can find online jobs and additional ways to work and earn online. And crucially, help you to avoid scams.

Ethical Marketing Examples

Worth Striving For

With time and dedication, there is no reason why you could not turn this into a full-time business working from your home or laptop, wherever you are. Isn’t that something worth striving for? And you can start free of charge.

Connect & Learn With The World`s Leading On-Line Affiliate Marketing Business School, Free Of Charge

Most people soon realise once they understand the Wealthy Affiliate offer
that it really is one of the best on-line resources to build up an on-line income. Wealthy Affiliate offer a genuinely free website, free training, and free hosting. Sound almost too good to be true? Let me explain more, as you are right to be cautious. But this is a genuinely free offer. Please read on, to learn more:

Firstly, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Not sure what Affiliate Marketing is? Remember those traditional salespeople in shops and on the phone? Whilst many are paid a regular basic salary, their main motivation comes from the commission of selling a company`s product or service to the people who walk into their shop or those who have answered those unwelcome sales calls that always arrive when you least want. It Shows Doesn´t It?

You know, just as you are sitting down to lunch or dinner or whilst you are watching a movie or film at night? And perhaps they are products or services they are trying to sell, that deep down, honestly, they don’t really like or enjoy selling. But they do it because they “need the job”. And in some cases, it shows doesn’t it?

Affiliate Marketing Helps People. There Are Millions Of Niches

Unlike those intrusive sales calls, or pushy sales assistants, Affiliate marketing helps people in specific niches. There are millions of niches. People are searching for the solution to a particular problem or need to hear some objective advice on a product or service. That is where your Affiliate Marketing web-site helps. In return, you receive a small commission for your advice that you have shared on your website which is on a subject that you have a passion for and are now or will become an expert in.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is on-line sales and marketing where companies reward you for bringing customers to them. The affiliate (you) earns a commission (a bit like the traditional salesperson) by promoting products and services that the business offers. They do this by paying you for the generation of sales leads that result in an online purchase. That purchase could be from anywhere in the world, not just a sale in your local town, city or neighbourhood.

You Sell A Product Or Products That Genuinely Interest You.

The buyer does not pay more by using your link, but you help the company reach a wider audience via your website that is focused on something you probably love and are passionate about. It might e.g. be sports equipment or shirts for a sport you are passionate about or Fashion. Anything. Whatever your passion is, you focus on it and earn a regular income in the process.

Wealthy Affiliate have decades of experience and guide you with legitimate business training, on how to do this successfully whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

Sell Things You Are Passionate About – Passively Online.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to make sales on a global scale to billions of potential customers, via the power of the internet but with products and services that you genuinely like. Or better still, products and services you are genuinely passionate about. And guess what, you don’t need to be one of those pushy, noisy extroverts to do it. Because people will find your site, by searching for your advice via specially generated, “SEO” keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you achieve success along with your friends and colleagues in WA, who will be encouraging and supporting you on your journey. Seriously, it’s a terrific community.

Start Working In The Happy Place Rather Than The Work Place.

Get this right, as there is every reason you can, and you can live and work happily knowing you are doing something you love. Getting up in the morning doing something you care about, for you, your family or community, rather than having to go to work in a dead-end job or selling something you don’t really like, that perhaps has questionable standards or e.g. environmental standards or policies that you may question?

Ethical Marketing Examples

Worth Striving For?

And as your business grows, you can start to become your own boss. So instead of regarding it as your “workplace”, you will be earning money via your “happy place” that is a name that the Neale Donald Walsch trilogy of books first described as being something we should be striving for on this planet! Perhaps Covid 19 has given us the opportunity to change. Rather than the daily commute and grind. Isn’t that something worth striving for? Isn’t that something that will make all of our lives happier and more sustainable for the planet?

Wealthy Affiliate Will Guide You Every Step of The Way. Ethically.

You just need to be able to explain the product or service via a website on a subject or for a product that you are interested in and genuinely like. Wealthy Affiliate guide you in a step by step way how to do this, and you are further supported by the amazingly supportive community of members (WAmily) all working on their own specific niches on topics they enjoy and have a passion for or often, develop a passion for.


Remember the Best Days of Your Life – Well It Was For Many…

Remember the best days of your life at school or University with your friends and colleagues? Seriously the Wealthy Affiliate University is much the same. Albeit all online. It’s amazingly friendly as people are working on their passions, learning, growing, and earning. You can join them and its free to start with no credit card or financial commitment.

It’s so friendly in fact that many people refer to the community as WAmily or “family”. It really is a very friendly global online “family” community. For those of you familiar with Chambers of Commerce, or Government Trade Bodies, the Community within WA is much closer and supportive than say a Trade Association, Chamber of Commerce, or Government Trade Body.

Above all, there is always somebody who will help, guide and encourage you.

Guided and Supported Every Step of The Way

Wealthy Affiliate will guide you, free of charge, whilst you make up your mind if it’s right for you. In the meantime, you learn how to build a website, sharpen your knowledge on your niche and passion, learn, strengthen and improve your on-line sales and marketing skills, working on a subject that you have a genuine interest or passion for.

For my first site, in my case, I have a passion for spirulina!
Had you even heard of it? I doubt it! Few people have. It probably saved my life and I wanted to share the good news. So, I developed my first site on that. Now I am developing this site to help people to live and work sustainably post Covid 19. If I can do it on such an obscure subject as spirulina, you can do it on anything.

Yours could be about anything, football, Rugby, Cricket, Theatre, Dance, Musical Instruments, Cars, Makeup, Art, Fashion, Haircare, Design, Healthcare products, Online games, a particular hobby, or interest. In fact, absolutely anything. There are affiliate programmes for pretty much any subject you may be interested in. And Wealthy Affiliate will help you find them, so you can sign up to them, to earn regular commission.

How Do You Make An Income From Your Passion?

Wealthy Affiliate will help you to “monetise” the site with suggestions and introductions for online affiliate marketing programmes allowing you to start earning a passive income online. Not just be selling in a local store or Mall, which since the advent of Covid 19 has become an increasingly risky option, but from Billions
of potential customers across the globe, online.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to access these customers in a practical way and your colleagues online will give you further support on your journey, making many new friends as you go.

More Detail

To help you better understand how the Wealthy Affiliate programme works and why you should sign up for it, at no cost, let me explain it to you in a little detail:

Wealthy Affiliate – An Introduction

Wealthy Affiliate is an on-line training and business academy, known as the Wealthy Affiliate University. The free programme teaches affiliate marketing in detail. It provides an ongoing business platform with wide-ranging technical and practical support. It provides students with assignments and practical exercises in affiliate marketing that teaches its participants how to earn a regular passive income using the affiliate marketing model. By following their guidance in detail, you can develop your own on-line business
with a growing income flow.

The Wealthy Affiliate University was established in 2005 building on decades of experience from its founders. It’s widely recognised for teaching its participants how to be successful using the affiliate marketing model. And those who work hard and consistently by applying the model, can have every expectation to succeed. To earn a regular income online in a subject that you love.

Creating your own “happy place” rather than the “work place”.

Ethical Marketing Examples

Who Is It For?

Who can learn and apply it? Anybody. Any age. Any gender. You can learn from scratch or if you already have some IT and website knowledge you can build on that knowledge, in particular how to successfully monetise your site. Many of the many successful members have started from scratch but there are also members with many years website experience who have found the techniques Wealthy Affiliate teach compliment their experience, allowing their creative skills to be enhanced by a more commercial approach to delivering financial success. Anybody can make a success of this, providing they apply themselves.

Wealthy Affiliate is For Everybody Who Wants To Succeed On-Line

You will learn how to build a website and master how to make a sustainable income from it. Whether you are an internet entrepreneur; a student seeking to build your first business; a Mother seeking to re-join the workplace; a stay at home Mum or Dad; a retiree looking to make an additional income; somebody unhappy with the daily grind & commute to work, seeking a new way to earn an income; or a business person looking to diversify your business to be more sustainable in the “new normal”, Wealthy Affiliate is for you. You will learn techniques and skills to be successful on-line.

Don’t Talk, Act. Don’t Say, Show, Don’t Promise Yourself, Prove It To Yourself.

Seriously, It’s Free to Join

It’s absolutely free for starter members. You don’t need a credit card or any id to take on Starter Membership. A coach or mentor will give you guidance on the necessary steps to success. It is however essential that you play your part, by being committed, working hard, asking questions, engaging with the community and above all, taking the necessary business action. Act.

The WA training is key. You need to follow it exactly going at your pace fitting it around the other commitments you have in your life. But it is important to work at it seriously and treat it as a business. Choosing a niche, you are passionate about or something you enjoy will make your journey more satisfying helping to guarantee your success.

Why Does Wealthy Affiliate University Stand Out from The Crowd?

There are many affiliate programs available online. However, Wealthy Affiliate stands out from the crowd as one of the few ethical marketing examples. There are many scams on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate is ethical. Firstly, it provides its members with up to date and current skills for internet marketing. Furthermore, there is a highly supportive and interactive community of members, all developing their own sites who encourage, share “top tips” and motivate you to success. As one simple example…

Working During COVID 19, The Global Family

it has been astonishing how during the COVID 19 crisis, the Wealthy Affiliate University Community has pulled together, motivated, offered advice and support, way beyond day to day business and supported members from across the globe. All learning and supporting from one another. Indeed, the wide range of cultures and backgrounds gives the platform that additional pillar of strength that you will have access to as a member.

From Every Country – Almost

members are from almost every Country on the planet, each sharing their perspectives, giving advice, providing feedback on sites, offering suggestions for improvements to people`s web sites and generally helping everybody to be stronger and more successful in their on-line business. It may sound old hat, but Wealthy Affiliate really is win-win. Even if you wake up feeling down for some reason, a blog from one of the members in your community will likely motivate you to “pick yourself up” and work harder on your business that day.

University of Life

This university of life
in affiliate marketing, has detailed courses allowing members to understand each stage of affiliate marketing with up to date social media and video training, pictures and much more. And its continually evolving as new social and business media is introduced. And whilst the courses are detailed, they are presented in a holistic way that are easy to follow, simple and stress free. You go at your pace.

How to Earn an Income with Wealthy Affiliate?

As you go through the course, you build your own niche affiliate marketing site. Via your site, you start to earn affiliate commissions. And income from on-line adverts.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Suitable for?

This affiliate marketing programme is ideal for anybody interested running a business from home, based on affiliate marketing but also for those who want to sell their own products or services online. The business model allows you to learn, grow, earn, and develop the necessary skills for the global online marketing business. Whether you are a complete beginner from any background or culture, an intermediate internet user, or an experienced businessperson, enrolling in this affiliate training program might be the best thing you ever do.

But make no mistake, this is not a “get-rich-quick scheme”, there are plenty of scams on the internet.

Ethical Business Model

No, Wealthy Affiliate is an ethical online affiliate marketing business model, that will require hard work and your time to make it a success

Starter Membership

its 100% free to join. You can complete the Foundation Course, absolutely free of charge, setting up a website and learning Word Press in the process. The Getting Started, foundation course is very hands on, you will learn a lot as you go and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. If like me you are a complete newbie, you will have plenty of questions.

Whilst you do the Foundation Course, you can reflect on whether you want to become a full-time member of the platform and community. There is no pressure to become a Premium member. If you decide Affiliate Marketing or running your own on-line business is not for you, you can walk away with the knowledge you have already acquired.

Premium Membership

Or you can become a premium member on the platform with an initial fee of US$19 for the first month and then US$49.00 a month. This compares extremely well with any other professional platform (please see below). In any business there are business expenses, so you really need to treat this cost as a business expense in exactly the same way as you would e.g. paying for a shop or store rental or other business expense. If you are serious about making an online income, this is well worth taking on, the platform Wealthy Affiliate provide is the market leader and continually being upgraded and improved. There is also an annual membership that further reduces your monthly investment in your on-line business.There are no further “add ons” or “upgrades” to pay. The monthly or annual fee is fixed.

The attached chart summarises the two memberships


The Training

Whilst there are written articles, most of the training involves video classes with an experienced tutor. There are also live interactive training sessions which if you cannot attend live, you can also watch afterwards. And you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions to clarify anything that is not clear to you. Quite often, others in the session ask a question that helps to answer the question you need answering!

Further Training

A bit like a company with an internal intranet, there are also internal blogs. The platform emphasises the benefits of joining the internal WA blogging community. The programme fosters and encourages a really caring and supportive network with many people also making solid friendships across the globe via the platform. More experienced members produce training in return for community credits on different niche areas.

From my experience of large companies and international organisations, the WA blogs are far more sincere and highly motivational as they are from people just like you, working to develop their own on-line business. Please carefully note, selling or “spamming” within the community is prohibited.

Training Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate has a good training classroom model. It’s a quality online forum where you can ask a question and WA or another community member answers. Quickly. And you can search and see answers to questions that often answer the question you may have. It’s far quicker than say receiving feedback from an online University Tutor. Which means you can get on quickly with developing and progressing your business.

Wealthy Affiliate Business Tools

Some of the business tools used by Wealthy Affiliate University for members include:


This is a web-site site builder allowing you to build an initial free website in just a few minutes.

The WA Keyword Tool ~ Jaaxy

One of the essential business tools to operate a website effectively is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. WA use a critical keyword SEO (Search Engine Optimization Tool) called Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy Tool allows you to analyse and target which phrases people across the globe are searching for on search engines. This enables you to target certain keywords to aim to have your website at or towards the top of search engine results. Like any business tool, there are techniques for using Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliate Teach You Clearly

Wealthy Affiliate explain and demonstrate these methods to allow you to prepare effective keyword rich blogs and pages. You can then prepare more effective material for your site, that will appear higher up in search engine searches. That is step one to getting your site seen! And people buying from your links. And you can also earn from the global advertising industry. They will teach you how, allowing you to set these up for your site.

Website Hosting with Wealthy Affiliate

Unlike other platforms, it’s part of the overall package, so no additional cost. For starter membership, its free & then a set price if you decide to upgrade to the monthly US$49 a month membership. There is no sliding addition of extra costs or higher memberships that you may have seen on other platforms. US$49 is excellent value for the overall package they are providing.

A Different Company

I used to use and pay another well-known hosting platform for a web-site for a company of ours that we used to operate. Our credit card was hit for revolving annual payments that were difficult to stop. It was a difficult platform (not Word Press) to use. They gave us next to no practical support on design or content and they were continually trying to sell us “upgrades” and extra`s for pictures, videos, logos etc., We had to go to another organisation to buy a domain and years afterwards, although we have closed the site, we are still being hassled to “upgrade” the domain. We spent more on the site than 4 years membership of Wealthy Affiliate. I wish I had known about Wealthy Affiliate then!

Word Press Is Easy to Operate

Wealthy Affiliate is a market leader and offers one of the best hosting platforms for WordPress sites. What I really like about it, having had the prior bad experience with another platform and website platform, is that they make the whole process smooth and simple. It’s genuinely a seamless process. If you already own a domain, you can easily transfer it, but above all, they teach you clearly how to build your site and to monetise it effectively. A key issue to consider with website ranking on Google, Yahoo etc., is site speed. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is very fast and they are regularly upgrading to ensure they remain the market leader. And you can start all of this with a genuinely FREE site using SiteRubix as a domain. So, if you are short of cash now, you can start to build your online business, free of charge. Now.

Key features of hosting with Wealthy Affiliate include:

  • Servers are WordPress optimized
  • Just in case you make a major error, you can always restore to an earlier version via the daily backups of web sites that WA do automatically for you.
  • Millions of hacking attempts have been blocked by WA Security. With internet security a growing concern particularly post Covid 19 it’s reassuring to know that WA provide Secure hosting for WA Members. e.g. With WA you receive botnet and DDOS Protection within the WA community or family of Web Sites.

  • The “site health” of your site is analysed on an ongoing basis which you access via the platform. This helps to ensure you keep your site up to date and relevant.
  • Your website is monitored and supported 24/7. If you have any issues, “technical support” will help you resolve the issue, in my experience within a maximum of 15-30 minutes or so.
  • Email forwarding to keep in touch with potential customers.

  • Your site is actively managed and supported. Encouraging you to focus on your site and business.
  • There is an automated and secure log-in process.
  • Unlike any other hosting platform in the world, Wealthy Affiliate provide “double hosting”. That means your websites has “full redundancy”. What does that mean? If one of your websites were for any reason to go down, WA have a “mirror” of the website running at all times that will take over, instantly. This level of redundancy and backup is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Other market leaders for Word Press hosting include, Pagely, WA is 75% cheaper! WP Engine, WA is 60% cheaper, & Kinsta, WA is 75% cheaper.*

Further Benefits of WA Hosting

  • Once you become a premium member, hosting at WA is free, its included within its membership. Other market leaders for Word Press hosting include, Pagely, WA is 75% cheaper WP Engine, WA is 60% cheaper, & Kinsta, WA is 75% cheaper.

Free Starter account

Starter account holders have access to one free website and hosting using a domain. This allows you to start to develop your online business at no initial cost. This allows you to try it out to see if it’s the business model that is right for you. Premium members have access to 10 websites.

Site Domains

WA make the process of obtaining a domain name for your business stress free. It’s an easy and smooth process to transfer your free siterubix site to a new domain name. As well as the free siterubix websites that automatically come with your free membership, you can also purchase website domain name at fair prices.

Buying a domain name, particularly if you are new to web sites, can be quite stressful and complicated often involving a credit card that can “automatically” be recharged each year. Wealthy Affiliate makes the process of buying domain names easy and hassle free. It’s one of the many good practice and Ethical Marketing Examples aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

WA Support

Wealthy Affiliate provides its members excellent support. As the American`s say, “it’s awesome” NO seriously, it really is.

Support includes:

Live Help, Private Messaging with more experienced WP users and Members, you can also PM the owners who will reply, live questions and answer sessions, website feedback – this is an excellent feature, giving you helpful advice on how to improve your site. You in return, once you are experienced give feedback on other`s sites. The process of reviewing other`s sites strengthens your knowledge of Word Press and effective styles. Internal Blogging that encourages you to strengthen your writing skills and where you can also ask for and receive advice.

More Advantages of Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you an experienced website designer, an experienced affiliate marketer or a complete newbie with no knowledge of either but want to start your own business to work from home, Wealthy Affiliate has something for you. And its free to join.

• All of the materials are online. No special App or software is required.

• You go and learn at your own pace. It’s easy to fit in around other commitments, e.g. if you are looking to diversify away from a dead-end job.

• The courses are available throughout the world, all online.

• Clearly outlined task and simple objective-based lessons ensure you can quickly grasp everything to achieve your goals. If you are at all unsure, you can ask questions and somebody, usually a number of people in your growing friendly or “family” network will give you advice – just as your best friends would have done at school!

• The courses are clearly taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals in a small, bite sized approach, a step by step way.

• Wealthy affiliate supports you to develop your on-line business encouraging your success.

• The courses range from the absolute basics to advanced training with the most up to date techniques and tips for success. It’s suitable for complete newbies and very experienced affiliate marketers. Complete newbies can go from no knowledge to expert over a period of weeks or months, depending on the time you can dedicate to your site. “As a starter for 10” and to give you a feel, this blog might help you:

The flip side of Wealthy Affiliate.

  • If you are not disciplined, there is a danger your site can become a hobby rather than a business. From the start, you need to be clear about your objectives and focus on a niche that is right for you to make it into a sustainable business.
  • You need to have clear expectations. It is not “a get-rich-quick” scheme. It will take hard work, time, and dedication. Be ready to build up to producing at least 3 reviews a week to ensure your website is a success. It sounds a lot, but once you get started, its perfectly achievable. Whatever your background, its achievable.
  • Some of the early classes can appear a bit slow, but stick with the programme, even experienced hands find they are learning new features.
  • Some people become so involved in the internal “blogging” that they lose focus on their website. Remember you are there to develop an online business. This needs to be at the forefront of your mind. Your website business should be top priority at all times.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

There are numerous affiliate sites that are not genuine. Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them. Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine and ethical platform, that requires hard work and focus. Treat it seriously, as a business and like many already, you will succeed.

Scam sites typically offer making quick and easy money. And they often want your credit card details early on! Oh and because they want your business, they have ensured there are “negative” reviews on Wealthy Affiliate, it is after all their competition, but unlike Wealthy Affiliate who are an ethical platform, they will pretend their offer is a “genuine” get-rich-quick scheme, “but you must sign up now”. Are you going to be caught again?

Wealthy Affiliate does not do this, you are going to have to work hard in your new online business. Wealthy Affiliate are interested in helping you to create a sustainable business using their platform. They want you to succeed. It’s win-win for you and them. To start, you can join and become a member free of charge whist you decide if its right for you.

What do you have to lose by joining Wealthy Affiliate for free? At the very least, you will learn about Word Press and you can try it out. If after a few weeks, you decide you do not have the time or the motivation for your own on-line business, you do not have to stay. In the meantime, at the very least, you will have learnt about Word Press.

Your Privacy Is Protected

WA protect your privacy allowing to create your own username. You can use a pseudonym.

Wealthy Affiliate Has a Proven Track Record of Success

Wealthy Affiliate has a proven track record of success for its members. It’s a highly effective step-by-step business model designed to help you make money online in a sustainable way. The training you receive will ensure you are fully equipped with the necessary skills to succeed.

Click on the banner below to start your journey to a successful online business today. It’s 100% free to join.

Final Thoughts.

We are living in a “new normal”. Covid 19 has changed the world for good for most of us. The Wealthy Affiliate Model, gives you an ethical and honest business model to start, work and succeed in operating an online business from home. I had always dreamed of running my own business, I for one have not looked back. I hope you will join us in the WA Family. If you have any questions or queries, please leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you.

“He who says it can`t be done, don’t stop the person doing it.”

“Once you replace negative, thoughts with positive ones, you`ll start having positive results”. Oh, and plenty of hard work too, with WA and you will succeed.

Best Regards,


*June 2020