The New Normal, Working From Home

Will life be the same after Covid 19?

Will Life Be The Same After Covid 19?

Will life be the same after Covid 19? What will our working lives after Covid 19 be like? What will jobs or employment after Covid 19 look like? How can we realistically earn a living? This blog explores this and offers some suggestions and advice on opportunities for the world ahead with the new normal.

Will Life Be the Same After Covid 19? Unlikely. Its likely we all need to adapt to the new normal.

World´s Largest Ever Study


The world is currently undertaking the world`s largest ever study on home and remote working. And although there have been some snags, hiccups and many lessons learnt, often related to Wi-Fi, Internet security and bandwidth; generally speaking, it has worked. More and more companies will now be investing in new IT and servers to manage ongoing demand.

Billions of People are searching online

Billions of individuals with internet access will now be looking to either work for a company on-line or develop their own income on-line. The Covid 19 virus may well have heralded the biggest change in our working lives since the Industrial Revolution.

And Billions of people worldwide are now looking to the internet for education, training, shopping and much more.

Will Life Be The Same After Covid 19?


The Traditional Office

One thing is for sure, the traditional office will no longer be the same. Even if an effective vaccine is produced, companies have realised they no longer need large traditional open plan office set ups. They don`t need to spend US$/£/Euro`s Millions in annual rents on expensive offices in central City business locations, when so many jobs can be done remotely. Even large seminars, conferences and meetings can now be held online. Neither do companies want the risk of liability with their staff from additional Health and Safety Risks associated with large offices.

The New Normal

Remote Working


Working remotely or from home is likely to become the working routine for Millions, or Billions of people for some time to come.

Millions Have Left the Cities

When Covid 19 hit, millions left New York. And Millions left London and other large cities across the globe to work from home. People and Companies have found that they can work just as effectively working remotely, indeed in many cases they are more efficient with fewer interruptions. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Covid 19 May Have Been A Global Disaster But It’s Also An Amazing Opportunity

Covid 19 has been a global disaster. In some Countries, the equivalent of a Jumbo Jet+ of people have been and still are dying daily. It has changed our lives, our jobs and our society forever. But its also an amazing opportunity.

An Opportunity

Whilst you are cooped up in quarantine or in “lock down” you may not think it now, but challenges when you get through to the other side, typically strengthen you. We will all get through this and life will go on.

Think Laterally

It might be hard at first, but think laterally. This is your opportunity now to make some positive changes in your life. How can you adapt and change to the new normal? How can you learn to thrive in the new normal?

Billions of people are changing how they live. This is probably better for our environment and once we have adapted and got used to it, may lead to an overall improvement, to our quality of life.

Will life be the same after Covid 19?

Adapting and Changing

As a part of that, people are looking for new ways to earn a living, to be educated, for their entertainment and their health care. Many are thinking about how they can live a more sustainable lifestyle and changing how they do their shopping, go out or use restaurant services. Sport and exercise are changing, as is socialising and dating.

Technology, working from home, video conferencing and internet technology are all proving to be essential. Remote working and on-line businesses have never been more important.

International Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Even international Conferences are now being run online, and companies providing translation and interpretation services are now working fully online.

Will Life Be The Same After Covid 19?

Being Resilient

In short, as the human race has done throughout its history, individuals, companies and institutions are learning to adapt, change and be more resilient in the new now. “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being positive about what could go right”. Think of this as an opportunity, how can you fit into to the new normal?

For Some It has proved to be More Efficient

For some companies, working from home has proved to be more efficient, with fewer coffee, tea or water break conversations, corridor discussions, and gossip sessions. Some have found that it has improved how they can focus on their work and productivity.

Will life be the same after Covid 19


Working from Home Can Save You Money

Many are asking themselves, why do I need to pay large monthly rents in big Cities, when I can be doing the same from cheaper countryside, coastal, small towns, or village locations? All you need is a reliable internet connection and of course a secure connection. Internet security has never been more important.

Living and working away from Big Cities

People have now realised they can live and work effectively away from big cities, perhaps living nearer to nature. Or closer to friends and family and avoiding lengthy 1-2 hour commuting journeys or more with all of the health risks associated with being on overcrowded trains, metros, tubes (The London Underground) or trams and the security risks of returning from a late night of working in the city office.

Is Commuting A Thing Of The Past?

People are also asking themselves, why pay large annual commuter train, bus, ferry or tram fares with the risk of infection on public transport? At an absolute minimum, until an effective vaccine is found, the prudent will need masks and personal protection equipment whilst travelling on public transport.

What Are The Tech Giants Doing?

Google, Facebook and other Tech Giants have recently announced that all employees do not need to go to the office until 2021.

Uncertainty With The Vaccine.

We all hope that an effective vaccine can be developed and soon but there is still much uncertainty. Even if an effective vaccination is produced and whilst there is confidence from Astra Zenica to have a vaccine as early as September. Others are more cautious.

But there is also concern, that those, including the young, who have had the infection and recovered, although they may now have some immunity, might now have a weakened system, making them more exposed to a second or third wave. And longer term, it may have weakened their health making them more exposed to other health problems and long term health effects. One possible way we have found, that might boost your health and your immunity, is described on this site along with their FAQs.

Hope For The best, But Plan For The Worst-case Scenario.

And Think Laterally.

So whilst we can all hope for the best, for all of these reasons, the cost and health risks associated with working in crowded open plan offices, companies, organisations and people are thinking laterally and searching for ways to work from home.

Global Jobs Market Place

Relocating Will Become less common.

Increasingly people will be working from remote locations and companies will be hiring and employing people from anywhere. Competition for the top jobs will become tougher as you will be able to be based anywhere, the USA, UK, Europe, Africa, South America or on an island in Asia. Anywhere in fact. Providing you have a secure internet you will be able to work. So for the very brightest and talented, this will be a dream scenario, earning a good salary whilst not leaving their countries, families, small towns or villages.

No longer will it be necessary to migrate, obtain a visa, or go through lengthy and intrusive immigration interviews once you have landed your dream on-line job. In short, you won`t need to relocate.

But What About The Rest Of Us?

But what about the rest of us? What about those people who do not have a Master`s Degree from Oxford, Cambridge, The Sorbonne or an Ivy League University? The vast majority of people in fact? How will these people earn a sustainable living?

What we have learnt from the Covid crisis?

If there is one thing we have learnt from the Covid crisis, is that home deliveries and purchases on line have grown massively. Exponentially. Even as we all hope, that an effective vaccine can be introduced soon, people have become used to buying on line with safe and touchless delivery services.

C19 has been a Global Tragedy but its also an amazing opportunity

For most, Covid 19 has been a global tragedy. It has changed our lives, our jobs forever. But in fact it’s an amazing opportunity too. Billions of people are changing how they live. This is probably better for our environment and our long term quality of life. People are looking for new ways to earn a living, to be educated, their entertainment and their health care. They are thinking more about living a more sustainable lifestyle, changing how they do their shopping and have restaurant meals. Sport and exercise are changing as is socialising and dating. Technology, working from home, video conferencing and internet technology are key.

In short, we are all learning to adapt and be more resilient during these challenging times

How to Supplement Your Income?

If you are looking to supplement your income, and or to develop a long-term income something that you may not have heard of before is something called Affiliate Marketing. This is where you earn a commission, a bit like a salesperson does in a commission-based shop or direct sales. However, the difference with a shop, where a basic salary may also be paid (depending on the Country) is that your shop window or potential buyers are now Billions of people across the globe.

It is estimated from that from the US alone, Affiliate Marketing Spend will grow to US$8.2 Billion by 2022. And that is an estimate from 2019, so before the Covid 19 crisis, that has driven so many more people to buy and use online services as part of the new normal.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you focus on a niche that interests you. It might be a passion, a hobby or an interest. In the process of focusing on something you like you become a recognised expert and you help companies makes sales who pay you a commission for each sale. This is typically linked to a website that you develop. There are hundreds of platforms that you can do this with but you have to be very careful which platform you use.

Who are Ethical?

This can be quite a challenge. In future blogs we will be examining the different Affiliate Marketing Platforms that are available. One that we have found to be highly ethical and effective is Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join Free.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is free to join. The great thing about this platform is that you can learn how to develop your own Affiliate Marketing website absolutely free of charge. This also includes free website hosting.

Their free package includes:

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I hope this finds you safe, fit and well. If you have any questions or comments, please do drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.