New world after Covid 19

Are We Going To Be Looking At A New World After Covid 19?

This site is about how are we going to live and work sustainably after Covid 19. Learning to become more adaptable, resilient, and independent may well become the new normal as so many of the traditional business and working systems come under pressure. Re- learning old and new skills could become essential. This site is intended to offer you advice and suggestions, something of a road map on your journey into the uncertain future that lies ahead.

The New Normal

There is so much uncertainty, perhaps the only certainty now, is that uncertainty is now the new normal. This site it about helping people to face that uncertainty, about how we can live, work, exercise, play, love and enjoy life with confidence and more certainty. To develop sustainable and independent lifestyles.

Will A Vaccine Be Developed Soon?

Hopefully, a vaccine will be developed, and it will be the end of the matter, once and for all. But even if it is, people have now tasted working and living from home and many are now looking to change their lifestyle and lead more sustainable lifestyles. This site is here to help you achieve this.

So, we will be providing advice and offering reviews on:

Work From Home


Earning a Living

How are we going to earn a living? Is working from home sustainable in the long term? Will we ever be working in centralised offices again? Going back to basics, how will people be able to feed their families?


Will people need the type of education that we have had until now, or are we going to need to learn new skills or relearn old ones?

How are we going to educate ourselves and our children? Schools, Universities & Colleges have changed to only deliver classes and courses online. Is this sustainable long term? What will people want or need to learn? Will agriculture, farming and learning to grow your own food become more important than a Law or History degree?

Will we continue to need Lawyers, Sports Stars and Models or will we need more Doctors, Nurses, Healers and those able to produce food, clothing, and medicines?


Will we stop using fossil fuels in our cars? Will we become dependent on Electric vehicles? What are the best batteries to power them? How will we charge them? Will solar energy become the main source of energy or will other energy sources
become available for us to power our homes and transport?


Will Cinemas become a thing of the past? Will film providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime become the permanent way, we entertain ourselves? How will cinema and films be made? Or will we simply return to learning to entertain ourselves with close friends, neighbours, and families?


Is Covid 19 just a temporary virus, that has inconvenienced the world for a couple of years whilst a vaccine is being developed? Or is Covid 19 just the first of a wave of viruses that is going to impact humanity? What are the long-term effects of Covid 19 on those who have had it and recovered? Are we going to see a spate of heart attacks or other health issues? How do we live and protect our health sustainably?

What innovations and health changes will Covid 19 drive? How will we take care of our health?

What alternative health remedies might help us improve our health?

Living Green

Living Green

Growing your own vegetables in a sustainable way.

Money & Finance

Has Covid 19 signalled the end of cash? Or was it just a temporary situation during the Covid 19 Crisis? Will it lead to more bartering & exchange? How might people used to debit, credit and charge cards cards move to bartering and exchange? Will all of our financial exchanges be online? Will there be new reliable and safe systems of credits allowing us to exchange them for what we need? Will we be buying homes with mortgages again? Are there new ways our economy will function with new banking systems?

Gold and Assets

Will gold and other movable assets become more important again as they were prior to the introduction of the cash-based society in the 16th and 17th
? How can you buy gold and other exchangeable assets?


Will we be socialising in bars, pubs, and restaurants again? How will we meet socially? Whilst fast-food outlets have built drive-through facilities, what about restaurants serving more than just fast food? How will staff work there safely and how will customers “enjoy” a meal being in cubicles or other closed & protective restaurant settings? Will we be more dependent on home deliveries? Whilst many restaurants have built up or strengthened their on-line presence how sustainable is this? What innovations will we need and see? What will be the point of ordering-in our food? If we are working from home more, it might lead to more free time, giving us more time to learn more sophisticated culinary and cooking skills. So, might it make more sense for us to become better cooks and chefs ourselves? How can we learn to do this? What equipment will we need to do this? Where will the ingredients come from?

Shopping and Retail

Will shopping centres & Malls be a thing of the past? How long is it sustainable for us to depend just on home delivery? The family or individual visit to the shopping mall was also an important part of social interaction and relaxing for many people, will the consumer society be able to live without regular trips to the shopping centre or mall? How will people do their shopping for clothing and other necessities? Will we really depend on “contact-less” home delivery for the foreseeable future or will people have to make more of their own clothes? Will 3D printing take on a new urgency? Will we be able to make what we need by 3 D printing? Are there 3D printers available at accessible prices? For home use?

Socialising & Dating

How will we be dating and meeting partners? Will we be undertaking more health tests before becoming involved with potential partners? How will we socialise? Will religion play a greater or reducing part in our lives?

Transport and Commuting

Will we be commuting by car, bus, train, metro, or underground train in the long term? How can this be done safely? What will we need to wear in order to remain safe?

Will we be taking domestic & international flights to the extent that we used to before Covid 19? What will we need to wear to remain safe?

What Personal Protective Clothing or Equipment will be needed to wear when we are travelling by public transport?

Sport and Exercise

Sport & Exercise

Will we stop going to watch major sporting matches? Will we start to watch more online games? How will we keep fit? What exercise will we participate in? What is the best sporting equipment for keeping fit based on working from home? Will new technologies develop so we “compete” online whilst exercising?


How is technology going to help us? Will we become more technologically dependent or less? What technology will we need in a new world where we need to be more adaptable, resilient, and independent?

Work From Home

Working from Home

What are the best ways to earn a living by working from home? We will be exploring different online opportunities and sharing advice on how to avoid online scams. How can you sustainably earn a living online?

Video Conferencing

What are the best methods of Video Conferencing? Which are the best programmes to work with.

Internet Security

What are the best internet security systems and anti-virus software’s?

Where will we live?

Will we continue to live in large Cities or will there be a trend to move back to the Country, reversing the trend that occurred during the Industrial revolution. If more people demand to work their own land, where will they find it to do this? We will explore options for the best places to live.

Learning to be Adaptable and Resilient

One thing for sure, is that it seems increasingly likely that we are going to have to learn to live with the virus and perhaps others. Being adaptable and resilient will be essential as we move forward. This site is intended to offer you suggestions and advice on a wide range of these subject to help you to live, love and work sustainably. Being adaptable and resilient may become essential in this new world. One thing for sure, is that its likely we will be in a new world after covid 19 and have to learn to live with a “new normal”. We hope this site helps you.


As a Diplomat over nearly 4 decades, I was privileged to experience many different cultures in my career. During this time, I had to learn fast in each Country I lived in, adapting quickly to new countries and circumstances. I had to do this every 3 to 4 years or more.   Added to this, I spent two years in the British Military and learnt about survival skills. I bring this adaptability and experience to the development of this site, that is intended as a tool to support you, in helping you to overcome the challenges you may face in the world following Covid 19 and who knows what next? I hope it helps you.

Thank you for visiting our site.  If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them below.

Best Regards,

Trevor John